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273 Church St., Belleville, ON, K8N 3C7| Office: 613-968-5765| Staff Links
Our St.Michael's Staff

2018-2019 St. Michael Catholic School Staff

Principal: Ms. Michele McGrath

Vice-Principal: Ms. Anna Young

Kindergarten Team                                                                                             PPT Teachers

Karin Rivers and Amanda MacKenzie (English)                                       Alyssa Riley (Physical and Health Education)                      Carole Tremblay (French PPT)

Simone Griffiths and Kayla O'Neil(FI)                                                         Dan Chapman (Physical and Health Education)

Emilie Shrider and Pam Balkwill (FI)                                                           Bryan Gomez (Core French, FSL)

Julie Levesque and Victoria Kenny (FI)                                                      Jarrod Porporo (Core French)                                                                

Lisa Hodgson and Dianne Noack (FI)                                                           Jessica Pemberton (Core French)   


Primary Team                                                                                                            Itinerant Arts

Jennifer McCoy(1) and Andrew Dupuis(1)                                                       Maggie Jones

Carol Ann Sabean (1/2) and Lyndsey Allin(1)                                                 Sarah Robertson

Angela Whalen (1/2 English)                                                                                   Secretarial and Custodial Staff

Stephanie McConnell (3/4 English)                                                                    Tina Mulvihill

Kim Mahoney (2) and Mindy Vella (2)                                                                Trina Lytle

Serge Lavoie (2) and Allyson Cooke (3)                                                            Gabriella Holmes

Kurtis Hartnell (3) and Mathew Richardson (3)                                             Shaun Beaudrie, Justin Farrell, Rick Jackson, Dan Hunt


Junior Team

Pat Carmichael (4)

Kate Durkin (4) and Gnandi Nabine (5)

Katelyn Allen (4)

Rebecca MacGillivary (5/6)

Amanda Baxby (5/6) and Sarah Pilon (5/6)

Intermediate Team

Emma Roach (6/7)

Denis Ross (7/8) and Caitlin Callaghan (7/8)

Jeff Mayberry (7/8 English)

Special Education Team

Brenda Dillon (SERT) and Barb White (SERT)                     Julie Cooke (EA)

Jill Troke (EA)                                                                                   Sandra Hazlewood (EA)

Darlene Way (EA)                                                                            Ruby Post ( EA)

Karie Biggley (EA)                                                                           Alana Hamilton(EA)

Leah Cantelo (EA)                                                                           Aimee Langevin (EA)

Support Staff

Christine Cousins (CYW)

Kimber Pritty (LRA)

St. Michael Catholic School

273 Church St., Belleville, ON K8N 3C7
Fax: 613-391-0171

Bell Schedule

  • Class Start 8:15 am
  • AM Recess Primary 9:35-9:50 Junior 9:35-9:50 Intermediate 10:00-10:15
  • Lunch Primary 11:00-11:50 Junior 11:15-12:05 Intermediate 11:55-12:45
  • PM Recess Primary 1:15-1:30 Junior 1:35-1:50 Intermediate 2:10-2:25
  • Class Dismissal 2:35 pm
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