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Serving School Council

January 14, 2019
​ Mrs. Rebecca Peters has served in various roles on St. James Major Catholic School Council. Her dedication to the school has been greatly appreciated over the years. "For the past few years I have loved being your Chairperson for the school council. I feel my time in this position has...

Self Regulation: An Information Night for Parents

January 08, 2019
​Do you have or know anyone who has a child in Kindergarten? Ever wonder about the wiring of the brain and its effect on our emotions? Do you often parent in the 'red brain'? Do you know what causes your child stress? Did you know that it is crucial to think...

Thank You Bus Patrollers

January 08, 2019
​St James Major has 13 bus patrollers. Bus patrollers were trained by Tri-Board Transportation on October 1 and again on November 26. Bus patrollers play an important role in bus safety, as well as being leaders and role models to other students on the bus. Today, Hunter, Layne, Jed, Ayden, Rian,...

Inclement Weather and Bus Cancellations

January 08, 2019
​ TriBoard Transportation Authority, in consultations with Directors of Education, determine bus cancellations due to inclement weather. Information regarding bus cancellations at the beginning of the day is usually made available to radio stations by 6:00 a.m. In the event that buses are cancelled at the end of the day, or...

Knights of Columbus Soccer Challenge

December 21, 2018
​ The Knights of Columbus have two basic duties … to serve their Priest and to serve their community. They believe that sports provide the discipline and focus required to develop athletic skills, character and faith formation. On September 8 th , students at St James Major took part in the...

Christmas at St James Major

December 21, 2018
​On December 17 th , the St James Major Catholic School community came together to celebrate Advent and the coming of our Lord. Father Cyprian led the community at Mass. All three classes led the community in a hymn. After Mass, we all enjoyed a lovely lunch. Thank you to all...

Christmas Message

December 19, 2018

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students of St James Major Catholic School, Only a few more days until you are able to enjoy the blessings of the Christmas season. The season of Advent always represents for us a period of great hope as we prepare for Christmas. St James Major is indeed a...

Catholic School Board Vacancy

December 13, 2018

The Board of Trustees of the Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic District School Board invites applications from interested and qualified individuals to fill, by appointment, a trustee vacancy for the term of office 2018 – 2022.  This vacancy is a result of no candidates in Quinte West at the October...
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Safety First

December 07, 2018
​ Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic District School Board is committed to the safety and wellbeing of our students, staff and their families. Given the recent threats to school safety situations which led to Lock Downs and/or Hold and Secures taking place in some of our schools and in schools in two of our...

The Gift of Education

November 30, 2018

Are you planning a family trip for the holidays? As you think about your arrangements, consider the importance of sending your child to school every day possible. Every year, absences spike in the weeks before and after the winter holiday as families squeeze in a few more vacation days.  We know...
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Cold Weather Safety Tips

November 22, 2018
​ Extreme cold puts everyone at risk.  The risks are greater for young children, older adults, people with chronic illnesses, people working or exercising outdoors, and those without proper shelter.
dress warmly dress in layers, the outer layer should be wind resistant synthetic and wool fabrics provide as good insulating...
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As your child learns to read and write and as your child becomes a more fluent reader and a clearer writer

November 22, 2018

​With regular practice, children develop fluency in reading and writing. At the same time, they will also learn to think more deeply about the stories or information that they read. In this stage, your child: • Is able to adapt his or her reading to different types of reading materials,...
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When your child is first learning to read and write

November 22, 2018

When children are first learning to read and write, it is important to talk about the ideas they are reading about. This will help build their comprehension skills. In this stage, your child: • Begins to match written words to spoken words and to see relationships between sounds and...
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Before your child begins to read and write

November 22, 2018

Young children are eager learners and can develop literacy skills in a variety of ways. In this stage, your child:  • Likes to be read to and to look at books or words  • Learns about words by playing with letter blocks, looking at picture books, playing with magnetic...

Community Living Letter to Students and Parents

November 19, 2018
​ Dear Students and Families,               Community Living North Frontenac is excited to be embarking on a new journey in collaboration with Granite Ridge Education Centre. Beginning this fall a representative from Community Living North Frontenac will be at Granite Ridge Education Centre twice monthly to meet with and assist students...

Cannibis: What Parents/Guardians and Caregivers Need to Know

November 12, 2018
​ School Mental Health ASIST and Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) collaboratively developed the above PDF resource ‘Cannabis: What Parents/Guardians and Caregivers Need to Know’. Drug Free Kids Canada has written the ‘Cannabis Talk Kit” to provide adults with the information they need to know about cannabis including scripts and...

After School ABA Program - Autism Skills Groups

November 05, 2018
​ The After School ABA Program is offering FREE Autism Skills Groups to children/youth diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The groups will focus on teaching a variety of skills including social, behaviour/emotional regulation, daily living and communication.  For Belleville and area, including Napanee :
For more information:  ASAP Flyer - Updated...
Treaties recognition week iamge

Treaties Recognition Week Nov. 4-10

November 05, 2018
In 2016, the Ontario government passed the Treaties Recognition Week Act to honour the importance of treaties and to help all Ontarians learn more about treaty rights and treaty relationships. This legislation designates the first week of November as Treaties Recognition Week and is intended to bring awareness to the treaty...

ALCDSB Welcomes Board of Trustees

October 23, 2018

Following the October 22, 2018 School Board Trustee elections, the Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic District School Board is pleased to welcome four new trustees. Please join us in welcoming: Michael Murphy, Kingston and Frontenac Islands Brian Evoy, Kingston and Frontenac Islands John Duggan, Belleville, Tyendinaga, Deseronto Peter McEnery, Tweed,...

Home Alone & Stranger Safety Program, and Kidsitters Canada Babysitters Training Course

October 18, 2018

Vari SAFE Education specializes in Youth Safety!  Their programs, instructors and learning objectives all support children, develop student confidence and strengthen our communities and families alike.   Vari SAFE partners with city recreation departments, local CAS agencies, individual schools or school boards, and with various youth groups to provide the most...

Operation Warm Feet - Winter Boots for $2, While Supplies Last

October 11, 2018
​ Kingston Community Health Centres (KCHC) is a multi-service, multi-site Community Health Centre – that means they care for the people in our community, and also care for and build up our community.  KCHC has many locations, and many different services and programs. While their work is diverse, all of their programs and staff are united...

Grade 7 and 8 Students: Enrichment Studies Unit (ESU) at Queen's University

October 03, 2018
​For more than 30 years, the Enrichment Studies Unit (ESU) at Queen's University has connected students in grades 7 to 12 with challenging and inspiring academics alongside the dynamic learning and living environment of university life. Providing an inclusive and unmatched mix of opportunities, ESU makes an unmistakable difference: nurturing curiosity,...
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ALCDSB Shares Experiences with FreshGrade [video]

October 02, 2018
FreshGrade is a digital portfolio and assessment platform that makes learning visible for educators, parents/guardians and students.  Check out what ALCDSB educators and students have to say about their experience with FreshGrade!


From all the staff and students of Saint James Major Catholic School,

October 01, 2018
​ Thank  you to  all  the parents who have donated sports balls to the school! This new equipment will allow the students to play basketball, soccer, and  really , any  sport! The students here are all  thankful  to  everyone  who donated the  balls and  are looking forward to using them on...

Parent/Guardian Survey for School Improvement

October 01, 2018
​Parents/guardians and community members are welcome to participate in a survey. The information collected in the survey will be used to develop the School Improvement Plan for Student Achievement and Well-being (SIPSAW). Please visiti to complete the survey. Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey. The SIPSAW will...

ALCDSB Celebrates 20 years (Video)

September 26, 2018

An Important Part of Your Child/ren's Lunch Bag: Water Bottles

September 19, 2018

At St. James Major, children need a clean water bottle on a daily basis to use our water station. Hydration is an important part in learning!  Water bottles increase instruction time and  promote the healthy habit of drinking water. Water   can also help with concentration throughout the school day.   A few simple water bottle requests:  1. Please make...

Tour of Sagonaska Demonstration School October 11

September 12, 2018
​ Th e Provincial Demonstration Schools provide educational programs for approximately 120 students. Students come to the programs significantly underachieving in some or all of the academic areas. Poor reading, writing, spelling and mathematics skills are common; many students also have immature social skills. Nevertheless, all students have average to above...

Attendance Matters!

September 10, 2018
Parents/guardians want their children to succeed at school, spiritually, socially and academically. Attending school regularly helps children feel better about school—and themselves. Start building this habit in September so they learn right away that going to school on time, every day is important. Good attendance will help children do well later in life! The connection...

Get Moving!

September 10, 2018
​ Children (aged 3–4 years) should accumulate at least 180 minutes of physical activity at any intensity spread throughout the day. Activities in different environments develop movement skills. Children's progression toward at least 60 minutes of energetic play by 5 years of age is appropriate. More daily physical activity provides greater benefits. 
For health...

St James Hot Lunch Program Survey

September 07, 2018
​Parents/guardians please complete the online hot lunch survey found at before September 23 . Computers will be available at the school at the Open House on September 20th to complete the survey. The 2018-19 St James Hot Lunch Program will be developed based on parent/guardian feedback to this survey. You will be informed...

Hello From the First Day of School,

September 06, 2018
​The morning started off well with a little chatter, the class started off with a talk circle and we all passed around the ball and told everyone what we had done over the summer and/or what we look forward to this year. Every now and then someone would make a joke...

Guidelines for Extreme Heat

September 05, 2018

KFL&A Public Health has adopted a series of extreme heat thresholds to inform community residents, health care providers, and community service providers on the measures they can take to reduce the health effects of hot, humid, and smoggy weather. Between May 1 and September 30, KFL&A Public Health monitors...

St James Catholic School Working with A Traditional Anishinaabe Woman

September 03, 2018
​Danka is a traditional Anishinaabe woman  from the Shabot Obaadjiwan First Nation.  Danka is a 7-generation direct descendant of Chief Frances Sharbot and Mary Susan Nigik. Danka has been working with schools sharing traditional knowledge and crafts for the last 12 years. Danka carries teachings on traditional hand drumming, Algonquin language,...
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School Council Meeting: September 17 @ 5pm

August 31, 2018
​ St. James Major Catholic School Council is a forum through which parents/guardians and other members of our school community can contribute to improve student achievement and well-being. Membership on School Council includes representation from parents/guardians, the parish, the community, teaching and non- teaching staff, and school administration. The role of...

Ministry of Education: A Parent's Guide to the Fundamentals of Math

August 30, 2018
​Ontario’s publicly funded schools are focusing on the fundamentals of math. This is an overview of what Ontario students in Grades 1-8 are learning in math, and how you can support your children’s math learning at home. parent_guide_math_en.pdf

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International Student Exchange Program

August 30, 2018
INTERNATIONAL STUDENT EXCHANGE – ONTARIO , a registered not-for-profit corporation, offers to Ontario students reciprocal exchanges to Europe and Quebec through the school year and during the summer. Programs are open to students in grades 7 & 8 and to high school students. Note!! There are places available now for students...

KFL&A: Preparing for Kindergarten

August 29, 2018

For most children, starting Kindergarten is exciting and rewarding. But it also can be a time of anxiety and stress about the unknown. It is normal for your child to have mixed feelings. He may feel excited about his new school, new backpack and new friends. But he may...
2018 2019 ALCDSB School Year Calendar.jpg

2018/2019 School Year Calendar

August 21, 2018
​​​ The School Year calendar begins development in February for the following school year.  After several consultations and approval by the Board, it must then be submitted to the Ministry of Education for approval.  Once approved, the calendar will be posted.​   The school year calendar for 2018/2019 has now been...

Lunch Supervisor Position

August 19, 2018
​ St. James Major Catholic School is looking for a Lunchtime Supervisor for each day of the week for the 2018-2019 school year. The position requires that you work one hour per day, during the lunch period. As a Lunchtime Supervisor you will supervise students at lunch recess and while eating their lunch....
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How Can I Support My Child/ren's Learning?

August 02, 2018

The best time for children to start learning to read and write is when they are very young. This is when they begin to develop positive attitudes and basic skills. Reading to children and talking to them about their ideas (even if those ideas don’t make sense to you...
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Grade 7/8 Students: Welcome to Your Personal Math Mentor

August 02, 2018

Get help with math when you’re stuck or simply need a bit of support or encouragement. In real-time, from anywhere. Mathify connects grade 7-10 students with Ontario certified math teachers - online, after school - to better understand how to solve math problems. Join 70,000+ students across the province and...
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How Can I Support My Child/ren's Learning?

August 02, 2018
​ Ontario’s mathematics curriculum reflects current research and is similar to that of other high-performing jurisdictions. The curriculum provides instruction to build mathematical concepts, procedures and skills. It also provides a balance of problem solving and practice. These types of activities help build the mathematical knowledge and skills our students need...
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August 02, 2018
​ The new Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines for Children and Youth encourage children and youth to “Sweat, Step, Sleep and Sit”.
For optimal health benefits, children and youth (aged 5–17 years) should achieve high levels of physical activity, low levels of sedentary behaviour, and sufficient sleep each day. A healthy 24...

After School ABA Program - Autism Skills Groups

June 19, 2018
​ The After School ABA Program is offering FREE Autism Skills Groups to children/youth diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The groups will focus on teaching a variety of skills including social, behaviour/emotional regulation, daily living and communication.  For Belleville and area, including Napanee :
For more information:  Autism Group Flyer (June...

Elementary & Secondary Summer Programming

April 11, 2018
Elementary Summer Programs The Algonquin and Lakeshore District School Board Summer Literacy and Numeracy programs will run from July 9 th - July 27 th with the SEVENs Mathematics program running from August 20 th – 24 th .   Primary Literacy and Numeracy Skills (Grades K-2) Primary Literacy and Numeracy...
Five kindergarten students standing together

Welcome to Kindergarten! Registration is now happening.

February 05, 2018
​ Kindergarten in the ALCDSB focuses on faith formation, academic success and programs for children, all within a play-based learning environment.  Teachers and Early Childhood Educators work together to develop your child’s natural curiosity and excitement for learning.  Our schools ensure a caring and safe environment for your children, all while...
Catholic Education Week logo

Call for Catholic Education Week Award Nominations!

January 16, 2018
Catholic Education Week May 6-11, 2019 During the week of May 6-11, 2019 the Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic District School Board will celebrate the significant contribution that Catholic Education has made to the community, the province and to Canada. Our Catholic Graduate Expectations challenge students to articulate in society those fundamental values...

Call for Nominations

February 03, 2017
​During Catholic Education Week ALCDSB recognizes the exemplary accomplishments of students, staff and community partners who consistently demonstrate outstanding service.  Why not nominate someone from your community for one of the many Catholic Education Week awards?? Click for full details​.​