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Post Secondary News

University Application Process.pdf

College Application Process.pdf

College and University Time Lines                                        Sept. 2018- July 2019

The following dates and time lines regarding college and university information sessions are to assist our senior students in their post secondary planning.  Information sessions at 11:15 and 2:35 are available to our grade 11 and 12 students.  Presentations during class time are open only to grade 12 students, and they must sign up several days in advance in order for their attendance to be recorded.  Presentations are usually in the lecture theater, unless otherwise announced.

September 12, 2018    Overview of university application process 11:15 and 2:35
September 13, 2018    Western University, 2:30
September 18, 2018    Scholarship information session, 11:10
September 18, 2018    University of Guelph-Humber, 2:45
September 19, 2018    Ryerson University, 11:10
September 20, 2018    Huron University College @ Western, 11:10
September 20, 2018    Ottawa University, 2:30
September 21, 2018    St. Lawrence College, 11:10
September 21, 2018    Loyalist College, 2:30
September 24, 2018    Trent University, 11:10
September 24, 2018    Queen's Bader International Study Center, 2:30
September 25, 2018    Carleton University, 2:30
September 26, 2018    Brock University, 11:10
September 26, 2018    Parent Post-Secondary Information Night, 6:30
September 28-30, 2018         Ontario Universities' Fair – Metro Toronto Convention Center

October 1, 2018          First date that application data will be sent to colleges. Earliest date that colleges may acknowledge applications

October 2, 2018          Atlantic Universities Fair, 10:30-11:30, Learning Commons
October 2, 2018          Wilfrid Laurier University, 11:15
October 3, 2018          College Information Program, St. Lawrence College, 1-2:30pm
October 9, 2018          RMC, 11:15
October 10, 2018        Overview of college application process, 11:00
October 11, 2018        Algonquin College, 2:30
October 15, 2018        University of Toronto, 2:30
October 16, 2018        Overview of college application process, 11:00
October 17, 2018        University Application Information Session, 11:10 and 2:30           
October 19, 2018        University of British Columbia, 11:10
October 19, 2018        King's University at Western, 2:30
October 22, 2018        Ontario University Institute of Technology (OUIT), 11:10
October 23-24, 2018               Ontario College Information Fair, Toronto
October 24, 2018        Humber College, 11:10
October 25, 2018        University Application Information Session, 11:10
October 29, 2018        Four Directions Aboriginal Student Centre, Queen's University, 11:10
October 29, 2018        McMaster University, 2:30
October 31, 2018        Queen's University, 2:30
November 6, 2018      Tyndale Christian University, 11:10
November 6, 2018      University Information Program, Frontenac Secondary, 6:30 – 8:30
November 8, 2018      College Application Information Session, 11:00
November 12, 2018    Lakehead University, 11:10
November 12, 2018    Guelph University, 2:30
November 13, 2018    Waterloo University, 2:30
November 14, 2018    College Application Information Session, 11:00
November 15, 2018    Brescia @Western University, 11:10
November 16, 2018    Georgian College, 11:10
November 19, 2018    Laurentian University, 11:10
November 19, 2018 Nipissing University, 2:30
November 23, 2018    First semester midterm marks due to OCAS                                   
December 15, 2018     Recommended date for completion of University and College applications
January 16, 2019         Deadline for submission for online application to the Ontario University Application Center (OUAC)
February 1, 2019         Deadline for submission for online application to the Ontario Colleges Application Services (OCAS) for equal consideration. Earliest release of offers by the colleges.
February 5, 2019         Recommended last date for students to submit all information to the OUAC including university and program changes, to be eligible for consideration for early admission  (This is not a deadline date.  Changes will be accepted and processed by the OUAC at any time.)

February 14, 2019       Deadline date for schools to provide first semester final marks to OUAC
February 15, 2019       Deadline date for schools to provide first semester final marks to OCAS
April 25, 2019             Deadline date for schools to provide semester two mid-term marks to OUAC
April 26, 2019             Deadline date for schools to provide semester two mid-term marks to OCAS
May 1, 2019                College applicants - most common deadline for confirming offer of admission.  Applicants should check their offers of admission for exact deadline dates
May 29, 2019              The latest date by which all secondary school applicants shall expect a response from an Ontario university
June 3, 2019                The earliest date by which Ontario universities may require a response to an offer of admission and a financial commitment (registration deposit, residence deposit)
July 4, 2019                Deadline for receipt by the OUAC and OCAS of final grades for semester two from Ontario secondary schools

The college application is submitted online to the Ontario Colleges Application Service (OCAS).  The application fee is $95 for five college program choices. 
Not more than three choices may be made at one college.
The university application is submitted online to the Ontario University Application
Center (OUAC).  The application fee is $150 for three university program choices.  An additional fee of $50 will be charged for each university program choice beyond the initial three, as well as for any changes in choices once the application has been processed.

(Fees may change – prices are based on 2018 application)

Students are required to have 6 grade 12 courses at the U or M (U/C)   level to be eligible for university programs.  Check the website for specific admission information regarding Ontario universities.

Please Note:  Ontario Scholar Eligibility – Grade 12 students will be considered Ontario

Scholars if they achieve an 80% average from any 6 grade 12 coursesGrade 11

courses taken in grade 12 will not be included in the calculation.  The Ontario Scholar certificate will be presented at the graduation ceremony.

​Fi​nancial Aid

Students who are interested in OSAP (Ontario Student Assistance Program) may access the site at  A representative will make a presentation in the spring.  Students can access OSAP once they have accepted an offer of admission.  Students are encouraged to use the  “Aid Estimator” to help estimate how much financial aid they can qualify for, the approximate cost of their college or university program, and a repayment calculator for estimation monthly OSAP loan repayments after graduation. Go to the  Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) site for more information​.

See the Scholarship Information page to find out about a number of different scholarships. If you have any questions about these or any other scholarships, please contact Mrs. Cantarutti in Student Services.

Applying to Out of Province Univ​​​​ersities

Students interested in applying to universities outside of Ontario need to access the admissions information on the university’s website.  Each university has their own deadlines and requirements for additional information, and the student needs to be diligent in meeting those requirements.  In many cases, the student must send the university an official school transcript which can be accessed in Student Services.  The Ontario Universities Application Center (OUAC) will provide academic data to Acadia University, Bishop’s University, the University of New Brunswick, St. Mary's University, the University of British Columbia, Concordia University, Dalhousie University, McGill University, University of Calgary, Simon Fraser University, and the University of Victoria.  Students must have applied through the OUAC.  The applicant must sign the release authorization and record their OUAC Reference Number on the out-of-province university application form.

Volunteer​​ Hours

The completion of 40 hours of community involvement is required as a key component of the diploma requirements. The community involvement hours are to be completed and submitted to Student Services no later than February 1st. Students who do not complete these hours will not meet the Ministry of Education requirement for graduation. Students who complete at total of 60 hours of Community Involvement or more will receive the Crusader Certificate upon graduation.