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Apprenticeship/Workplace Information


An apprenticeship is a hands-on training program for people who want to work in skilled trades or occupations. About 90 per cent of apprenticeship involves on-the-job training by sponsors of training or employers. The remainder involves related theoretical training, usually obtained at a college of applied arts and technology or another approved training delivery agency. Training agreements between apprentices and their training sponsor or employer are prepared by training consultants of the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skill Development (MAESD). In accordance with legislation, each training agreement is an individualized contract or training plan between a person who wants to learn a skilled trade and a training sponsor or an employer. Apprentices and training sponsors or employers benefit from apprenticeship training. Apprentices learn to become qualified tradespeople or "journey persons" while training sponsors or employers gain highly skilled employees with up-to-date knowledge and work techniques. Jobs in skilled trades provide challenging work and high paying careers.

Most apprenticeships take between two to five years to complete, depending on the trade. At the time of registration, prior education and related work experience are considered where appropriate to potentially reduce the length of the program. Flexible in-school training options are generally available to meet the specific needs of apprentices and their training sponsor or employer.

When a person who wants to be an apprentice has found a training sponsor or employer willing to engage in apprenticeship training, either the person or the training sponsor or employer should contact the local apprenticeship office (Kingston: 613-545-4338). A training consultant will arrange a meeting at the workplace to assess the ability of the training sponsor or employer to train, assess the person, prepare the training agreement or contract, and initiate the training.

This information is provided by Apprenticeship Subject Pathways, Ministry of Advanced Education and Skill Development (MAESD), 2002.


The Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) offers students who have completed Grade 10 an opportunity to become registered apprentices while finishing high school. Students take a package of in-school subjects to prepare them for practical work experience in a trade, and are placed with an employer who may take the student on as an apprentice after a trial period. While working, students can accumulate cooperative education credits which count as credits towards completing their high school diploma. Once registered as an apprentice, the hours worked are logged towards the number of hours required for journey person status in the chosen trade.

Students interested in a career in the skilled trades should make an appointment with their guidance counsellor or the cooperative education teacher.

Useful Website Addresses For Apprenticeship Information:

You can also call the Training Hotline at 1-888-JOBGROW (1-800-387-5656)‚Äč