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Cooperative Education

​​​​Coop student at automotive work placement.jpgCooperative Education is career exploration; a wonderful opportunity for students in Grades 11 and 12 to get hands-on experience in a career they may wish to pursue in their future endeavors. Besides the personal touch, students are also rewarded with 2 to 4 credits once the student has successfully completed the program. There are numerous placements available for Holy Cross students which range from carpentry to dentistry and beyond. It is an exciting learning environment giving students the chance to explore and become in engaged in a career they may eventually choose.

(Photo left: An HC Co-op student poses at their auto work placement.)

(Photo below: An HC Co-op student at their Elementary placement.)

Coop student at elementary school work placement.jpgBenefits of Co-Op Edu​​​cation for Students

  • Hands on training in a trade or career choice
  • Career exploration
  • Opportunity to see if their career choice is an appropriate choice for them.
  • Challenging opportunities to apply and extend their knowledge
  • Learn health and safety issues related to their placement.
  • An opportunity to use course expectations from another course together with Co-op course to suit the student's strengths, interests, and needs.
  • Co-op allows those students, who may not excel in the classroom, the opportunity to accomplish goals and have self confidence that they may not feel in the classroom environment.
  • A chance to practice and refine the skills acquired in the related course and to show achievements of placement expectations that reflect current practice and standards.
  • To learn more about themselves and how they work with others.
  • Students will hopefully enhance their communication skills.​