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Whether residential, commercial, industrial, or recreational, construction has always played a central role in human life. Through construction courses that incorporate learning opportunities outside school, students will learn about the tools, equipment, and processes required to design, construct, and maintain a variety of buildings and structures. They will also learn about the construction industry’s health and safety standards, building codes and regulations, and employment opportunities and careers in the various sectors of the industry. Note that a construction project may result in a product, system, process, or service. It may also involve production, repair, or maintenance.

Woodworking students use a jointer.JPGThe Grade 11 construction courses focus on residential and light construction systems related to commercial, industrial, and/or recreational buildings and structures. The Grade 12 courses focus on advanced residential and more complex construction, as well as the introduction of heavy construction systems, related to commercial, industrial, and/or recreational buildings and structures. All units are geared toward the safe and creative fabrication of student centered and designed projects. The possibilities for the projects are endless! Students design their own furniture according to their own needs and desires. Some of the many products built include benches, cabinets, stools, armoires, Adirondack chairs and many more. The students put much work into their designs and are always proud of what they have accomplished. They use these pieces as gifts, decorations and useful practical products. These works of art take time and patience, but the outcome, as seen here, are beautiful masterpieces.

Using tools is something every person must know for living. In the Construction Technology class learning to use these tools is a main part of the course. Many of the tools used include saws, sanders, hammers, and blades. They learn to cut, shave, wax, and finish all sorts of different types of wood with these tools. Without these instruments the students would not be able to create the pieces they build.

(Photo above: A Holy Cross Construction student operates a jointer/planer.)