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Teacher Directory


Communicating With Teachers

There are many ways for parents to communicate with teachers. The most common way is to call the school and be routed to teacher mailboxes as listed below. Parents may also email the school, through the 'about us'  then 'contact us' drop down list at the top of the page, and ask that the email be forwarded to the appropriate teacher, or set up a mutually acceptable interview time to speak in person. Any person entering the school needs to check in at the Main Office before proceeding to any event in the building. In addition, teachers are not available to speak to parents during class time. Please schedule meetings before or after school. Our children's security is a priority. Your cooperation is essential for the orderly operation of our building and is very much appreciated.

Teacher Information Semester 2 2022-23
TeacherVoicemailPhone Ext.
Agostino, Vagia40682243
Akbari, Farshid40353205
Ball  KelsiExt. 555613-354-8215
Baronaitis, Justin4078613-354-8216
Bernabei, Nadia40023236
Brioux, Nicole40533208
Byron, Brad40303208
Cantarutti, Ana34153415
Chapman, Jasmine40493153
Check Drumm, Stacy34213421
Check, Kristen40273219
Clancy, Carleigh40723208
Clarke, Matthew40133233
Clarke, Tony32103210
Coleman, Richard40083219
Coppens, Pamela40543208
Corbin, Patrick40223219
Coulter, Lisa40043208
Dixon, Kellv40963123/2268
Downey, Margaret40433248
Drumm, Jonathan401S3219
Dusome, Dan40113442
Dzlerniejko, Robin40643442
Fraser, Chris40743248
Garant, Steve40173205
Gervais, Matthieu40183205
Gillis, Frank40973208
Greenwood-DaSilva, Alessa40403208
Harren, Daniel40453205
Healey, Pat40103442
Hollands, Jamie4003320S
Holmes, John40012217
Holmes, Virginia34283428
Hulton, Jordan40193248
Hunter, Tim40242204
Jabre, Natasha40392129
Johnson, Heather40073236
Johnston, Jennifer40383236
Johnston, Noella362i3622
Kehoe, Ryley40203205
Kenney, Paul40653208
Lanzo, Nicole40613219
LeSarge, Kristia34193419
Lobo, Jose34243133
Mahoney, Samantha40553233
Marshall, Candace40713208
Martin Tulk, Rebecca40943205
McDonald, Jen40483218
Mclarty, Sabina40263219
Melo-Jordan, Jennie40573208
Mignault, Tim40953248
Mulvenna, Elizabeth40093226
Mulvihill, Karen40412212
Murphy, Stephanie40143233
Nichol, Karen40343233
Orser, David34563456
Pacheco, Stephanie40313208
Pendergast, Timothy32003200
Peruglho, Shannon40513208
Plazzotta, BenExt. 555613-354-8215
Raposo, Catarina40443236
Roantree, Julie50033205
Roberts, Daniel .40523248
Sarris-White, Mia34263426
Scarpazza, Flllipo40563442/2140
Sentjens, Nicholas40293236
Sicoli, Timothy40053205
Stabback, Kendra40853501
Stabile, Vince40363208
Thorburn, John40583219
Vella-Bowry, Gloria34273427
Wagner, Thomas40253236
Walker, Erin40123233
Walker, Gregory22582258
Waller, Kathleen40373205
Waters, Christine40623208
Weir, Trevor    _40213208
White, Rick40863219
Wlthers, Emllv40873208
Zarichny, Robert40812242​